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Lot vekemans

Lot Vekemans (b. 1965) writes plays, novels and screenplays and works on demand as a script coach for professional theater and film makers. As a playwright, she is an international star. Her work has been translated into twenty-two languages and performed in more than thirty-five countries. This makes her the most performed Dutch playwright abroad.

Her work has received several awards. She received the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs for Gif (Poison), the Van der Viesprijs for Truckstop and Zus Van (Sister of) and was awarded the Ludwig Mülheims Theaterpreis for her entire translated German oeuvre. Her debut novel A Wedding Dress from Warsaw was nominated for the Anton Wachter Prize and has been translated into several languages.

Lot Vekemans studied Social Geography and then attended the Writersschool Amsterdam where she studied drama and non-fiction. Her work has been praised for its combination of deboned language that does not contain a word too many with a deep insight into the human psyche, giving the viewer/reader a glimpse into the soul of her characters.


Listen to an excerpt (Dutch)

by Lot Vekemans | from The Disappeared

The Disappeared


Awkwardly, they had shaken hands in the airport, Simon and his nephew. An insecure adolescent with overly long arms and an incipient beard. His distraught mother had suddenly called and urged her brother, who had emigrated to Canada, to take him in “for a while. Simon’s muttered “Let him come” soon proved a mistake.
Simon has lost his cherished independence and is bothered by the boy, who prefers to watch TV, order pizza and whine that he wants to go to the Rocky Mountains. In a fit of indulgence, Simon gives in: a day out, then.
In a grill restaurant, they meet two enthusiastic mountain hikers: father and son. They take the boy for a day hike, while Simon stays behind in the picturesque mountain town. The three return from the hike with great stories. Not only that: they have a taste for it and want to go further into the mountains. Dinner ends in a high-spirited argument and humiliation for Simon. The next morning, the Rocky trio is without a trace, having checked out without leaving a message.

“Thanks to the compelling perspective in this novel, which offers powerful dialogue from characters who barely get to know each other, you start to think things are normal that aren’t. ” NRC ****


Lot Vekemans debuts as theaterdirector with BLIND

In September 2023, rehearsals begin for the new play BLIND, written by Lot Vekemans. With this text, Vekemans also makes her debut as a director. The show is produced by Matzer Theater Productions. The cast includes experienced...

Successful launch of German translation of novel ‘The Disappeared’

At the end of July 2023, the German translation of the acclaimed novel "The Disappeared" was published by Wallstein Verlag. The novel, beautifully translated by Andrea Kluitmann, has quickly attracted the attention of readers and critics in Germany. The Berliner...

Filming of POISON begins

Filming of POISON take place in February and March 2022. The international filming of Vekemans' much vaunted stage play GIF (POISOn) take place partly in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It is directed by Désirée Nosbusch, who is making her debut as director of her...

At the center of the conflict are the insights

“The main characters in Vekemans’ texts are usually troubled figures trying to get a grip on their insecurities and miseries. Vekemans always does so with a keen insight into human psychs. “I’m very curious about people and try to understand why they do things the way they do. As a writer you are constantly putting yourself in someone else’s shoes; playwriting is pre-eminently the medium to develop that. You always have to step into all these characters. Drama is always about conflict, you’re working your way in. At the center of that conflict are also the insights.”

From interview with Gerrit van den Hoven for the Brabants Dagblad


Who the hell wants to do that?

“Frankly, I would advise against anyone going into playwriting. The only reason to start writing drama is because you can’t help yourself. Which I think is the only reason to make art at all; because you can’t help yourself.”

From correspondence with Norwegian writer Tale Næss, published in Ferske Norske


A good play is more than words on paper

“Words within a play are mere islands, they seem like good refuges to stay, but the real challenge is how to move from one island to the other without drowning. That space between those words is where the value of the play will show itself. The space that’s available to travel. For directors, actors, designers, and eventually the audience.”

From correspondence with Norwegian writer Tale Næss, published in Ferske Norske


Panorama Zondag- radio 19 februari, 2023

Lot Vekemans talks with Hans Smit in response to five works of art about life, work and art. (In Dutch) Listen to the conversation.

Nooit meer slapen- radio 24 februari, 2021

Lot Vekemans talks to Pieter van der Wielen in VPRO’s Nooit meer slapen about her second novel “De Verdwenene. (In Dutch) Listen to the conversation.

Opium radio- 25 februari, 2021

Lot Vekemans speaks with Annemieke Bosman on Opium Radio on Radio 4 about her novel “The Disapeared” (in Dutch). Listen to the conversation.

de taalstaat -27 februari, 2021

De Taalstaat - radio

Lot Vekemans talks to Frits Spits about the difference between writing for stage or a novel. (In Dutch) Listen to the conversation.


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