In September 2023, rehearsals begin for the new play BLIND, written by Lot Vekemans. With this text, Vekemans also makes her debut as a director.

The show is produced by Matzer Theater Productions. The cast includes experienced actors Jose Kuijpers and Helmert Woudenberg. This combination of talent promises to bring an interesting dynamic to the stage.

A father and a daughter have lived at odds for years. 
He is a proud senior citizen with a big ego and lives in 
a gated and secure enclave where people 
like him – white, successful and once influential – 
have withdrawn in response to changing society.

She has embraced and helped shape that society. 
She rejects everything he stands for. 
He accuses her of dangerous idealism, 
She accuses him of thinking superiority. 
In everything, they are diametrically opposed. 
The separation seems unbridgeable.

In BLIND, two worldviews collide in an originally strong family relationship. How do you deal with ideological differences? Can you love someone whose ideas you reject? In BLIND , Vekemans outlines an enclosed universe that is a metaphor for a great many enclosed places in the world. Places where some people are allowed in and others are not. But what happens when we cannot escape coexistence? Is there any way to approach each other without having to agree?

The premiere of “BLIND” is scheduled for Oct. 21 and will take place at the Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch.